Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Kingston Unveils World’s First 256GB Thumb Drive

Kingston Unveils World's First 256GB Thumb Drive

Kingston Technology Europe has launched the world’s first 256GB USB flash drive. The DataTraveler 300 will enable users to carry around a whole digital world. The 256GB of storage space is equal to an outstanding 51,000 images, or 54 DVD’s, or 365 CD’s, or a whole database of documents equal to a 1km paper tower. The drive is perfect for netbook users who want to extend the limited capacity of their machines. Measuring 70.68 mm x 16.90 mm x 21.99 mm, the DataTraveler 300 features fast transfer rate (up to 20 MB/sec. read and 10 MB/sec. write), and the Password Traveler security software for Windows. It is perfect for business consumers who work with large databases, or designers who need to transfer large graphic files from one place to another. Unfortunately, the DataTraveler 300 is available only in Europe and the UK for £565.67 ($924). [Kingston]

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